Campus Corner: Campus Crusaders for Christ (CRU)

Written February 22, 2013
Published in The Dynamo
The Univerisity of Mount Union

If you’ve been searching for something on campus that can change your life around for the better, Cru is the place to come. Campus Crusaders for Christ, otherwise known as Cru, is a student run Christian club that meets every Thursday at 8:30pm in Dewald Chapel. Students can come together to pray, worship with a live band, and hear an inspiring message. Cru is dedicated to spreading the word of Jesus and bringing those who question faith to a place where they can grow spiritually and make lifelong friends.

Ella Boothby, junior and Cru Student Leader, said “Cru is a youth group at college. We come to worship and learn about God together. We have bible studies and make connections with people that can relate.” Junior Mark Stevens explained, “Cru is a good way to show your love and faith to the Lord. I feel like we’re family here serving our Lord and having a good time.”

If you’re still on the fence, this is the place to test the waters! Ella commented, “If you’re wondering about God and the idea of Christianity, we try to talk about what God does and who He is. We talk about things like grace, love, and understanding.”  Senior and Cru Student Leader Kurtis Thomas said Cru is like church for college kids; its run by younger people and has messages you can actually relate to.

Cru starts out with the band playing, The Least of These, which is made up of Dale Leatherberry on guitar, Brant Miller on drums, Tyler Lowe on bass, Bethany Herman on piano and vocals, Jesse Phillips on guitar, and Harley Marsh and Rebecca Steele on vocals. That is followed by opening announcements, a game called Box or Dollar, and prayer. The band then plays again and everyone is asked to stand and sing along if they chose. Next, a speaker is usually brought in from the Cru leadership with an inspiring message, and finally Cru is closed out with the live band and some prayer.

Cru also hosts other events and activities that students can attend. A Women’s Bible Study is held Mondays at five in the chapel. Men’s Bible Study is Tuesday at eight in Ketchum Lobby. Then there is a third bible study for anyone held by Dr. Mason on Thursdays at four in Bracy Basement. This semester Cru will also be taking students to Winter Jam, a concert in Akron where a number of Christian bands play; Cru Retreat, an overnighter at a local church of worship, games, food, and a speaker. There will be other events this semester, so come to Cru to find out about them. 


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